We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that uncontrolled population growth in all of the world's nations is the underlying cause of almost all of humanity's  problems. Almost any problem that can be named is either caused or aggravated by runaway population growth.
Is it likely that we will stop environmental damage, have fewer wars, feed the masses or stop the extinction of species if the population continues to grow unabated? Our reproductive decisions rule the world. Bunnies don't use fossil fuels.   Want to protest? Want change? Want to stop climate change? Stop giving them babies. Reproduction is not a government decision but a decision each of us makes. This book was finished in 1988 but was not published at the time. The ensuing years have not done anything to disprove any of the conclusions in the book. In fact they have served to make the book more relevant as we knew it would be when we began writing it in 1983. So read this book now, start following the instructions and the world will be saved!